From staff at Tarasis Enterprises

The Give an Hour Initiative was suggested by a member of staff at Tarasis Enterprises. It was so popular among all the staff including carers, regional managers and the senior management team that it has become an annual feature. Over 700 members of staff at Tarasis Enterprises, give an hour of their time to the company, free of charge and donate their hourly rate to iCare.

The money raised in the ‘Give an Hour’ challenge is used to grant iCare Wishes whereby members of the public can nominate someone in their local community to be granted a wish – a personal or practical gift which can make a real difference to that person’s life.

The Give an Hour Initiative demonstrates staff excellence, their commitment to helping others and signifies our dedication as a company to the people we care for. The money is injected right back into the communities in which the team live and work. 

Raised in 2015 & 2016

Raised in 2017 for Eagles Special Olympics Group in Armagh

Raised in 2019 for Horizon House and Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice