The devastating, life changing, paralysing news that NO-ONE should have to hear…. at 37 years old, with a beautiful family and a career she is truly passionate about, Rachel received her cancer diagnosis on Wednesday 17th February 2022… Incurable Stage 4 Lung Cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes, pelvis and spine.

Thinking she’d sustained an exercise related back injury in January 2022, Rachel tried to manage the pain at home for several weeks until it became paralysing and unbearable.  On 14th February when she began to cough up blood, Rachel was sent immediately by her GP to the Emergency Department with a suspected blood clot.  The next few days were a blur of tests, MRI scans, unbearable spikes in pain and the dreaded realisation that this could be more than Rachel had initially suspected.

Since then, Rachel has risen with courage, strength, grace, passion and resilience to fight with everything she has – for herself, her family, her friends and for everyone fighting this disease.  

Despite the at times debilitating, side effects from her illness and treatment including broken bones in her back and hips, devastating news about further growth, spread of her illness and a 1% rare cancer mutation that has been found, Rachel has blown EVERYONE away with positivity, her laser focus and her pure grit and determination because, in her words…. “What other choice do I have? I have EVERYTHING to live for.”

Away from home, her daughter and partner, wider family and many friends, her beloved career and clients – Rachel has never seen herself as a victim of her illness.  Instead, she has focused on raising awareness with a powerful, positive mindset and has created an Instagram account documenting her journey @houghton3348

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Rachels diagnosis and journey has inevitably placed a significant financial strain on her family and we, her team in HCIL want her to ONLY focus on herself, her journey and her family.  We want to help Rachel and show our absolute support for her and her family.

HCIL and our dedicated charity iCARE has sponsored a Trip to New York for Two People or Cash equivalent (T&Cs apply), which we will raffle on Friday 27th May 2022 live in Sligo with Rachel, her family and her HCIL team who love her so dearly.

This competition is now closed. The winner announced LIVE Friday 27th May in Sligo with Rachel, her family and her HCIL Team.

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