Making an iCare Wish come true for Jessica

Making an iCare Wish come true for Jessica

Yesterday we had the delight of seeing Jessica enjoying her new bike! Isn’t it cool!? Jessica was proud to say that her bike is Candy Blue.

Jessica’s mother sent in an iCare Wish, advised by her social worker; so we got to work, to make their wish come true!

Fleetwise Vehicle Hire & Sales had recently completed their fantastic skydive fundraiser and chose iCare as the charity they wanted to donate to. We decided to put their proceeds towards Jessica’s new bike!

Shortly after birth, Jessica was diagnosed with the rare Loeys-Dietz syndrome, which is a disorder that affects connective tissue in many parts of the body. This bike is specially designed for Jessica and her limited mobility and will help to build up strength in her leg muscles. She will also be able to have an enhanced enjoyment of the outdoors with this bike. Her school staff will also use the bike to transfer Jessica to and from the community centre; where she attends physical education classes and other school related activities and events.

No stopping you now Jessica and thank you for the beautiful card!