iCare New Year’s Wish for Beautiful Rosa

Kindness Without Limits

Our little hero Rosa...

The iCare committee were thrilled to be able to deliver an iCare Wish of a fully bespoke, specialist bike for our little heart hero Rosa.

Born with a life limiting heart condition, complex medical needs and a neuro disability, Rosa absolutely loves being outdoors but due to mobility problems, poor balance and lack of co-ordination she is unable to use a normal bicycle.

Her lovely mum Kathryn reached out to iCare with a Wish request for a specialist bicycle made to meet her needs to allow her to experience what other children her age love and enjoy.

Speaking about what this iCare Wish means to them, she said “Rosa has been through so much in her young life having had 3 open heart surgeries at 3 days old, 7 months old and 5 years old. We are so thankful to iCare for their generosity and cannot thank them enough for what this bicycle means to us as a family. Rosa absolutely loves it and will get so much enjoyment from being outside on her new wheels.”

We are so thrilled to have been able to deliver this Wish to Rosa. To see the pictures of Rosa outside in the fresh air, enjoying her new bicycle was such a heart-warming way to start our New Year.