iCare donate defibrillator to Banbridge School

Local woman Lisa McGurnaghan who has been fundraising to purchase a defibrillator has been overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness that have met her endeavours. Alongside her three year old son Lisa suffers from Sudden Death Syndrome, an illness which currently is the cause of 270 children in schools every year within the UK. Lisa set out to purchase a defibrillator that would be located in her home and registered with the ambulance for members of the public to find the nearest one in any time of need.

Janine Smalls iCare Founding Member said, ‘as a committee we are always looking for ways to help the public. After seeing Lisa’s plea in local media, iCare wanted to ensure that Lisa received a defibrillator immediately.’

With Lisa’s fundraising effort being such a huge success, she raised the funds needed to install her own defibrillator and was able to donate the iCare defibrillator to a local Primary School as she was alarmed not all schools have this facility in place already.

iCare were delighted to present Abercorn Primary School, Banbridge with a defibrillator all through Lisa & Dan’s campaign to raise awareness and as a reminder for anyone to register any defibrillator with the NI ambulance service as a local point for anyone who is in need of 999 assistance.

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