iCare at Christmas: Kindness Without Limits

<strong>iCare at Christmas: Kindness Without Limits</strong>

2022 Campaign: Helping our Community with the Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis is having significant damaging effects on people all over the world right now. After an already difficult time for many coping with the pandemic in recent years, many are being immensely affected by the soaring prices of basic essentials. As a result this Christmas, iCare, a  volunteer-led charity based in Armagh that is part of The Tarasis Foundation, wants to directly help their local community by helping families most in need of support as a result of the cost of living crisis.

Since its launch in 2018 iCare has provided gifts each Christmas to those most vulnerable and often overlooked at Christmas. However this year, after seeing the effects of the cost of living crisis happening in the local community, the charity has decided to focus their efforts helping people suffering at the hands of rising prices of day-to-day necessities.

By providing heating and electricity vouchers, as well as assistance with food, iCare hopes to help to ease the burden of Christmas. In addition to this, iCare will also be delivering parcels to some elderly people around the country, who have been recipients of gifts since the campaigns launch in 2018, and due to their circumstances can be overlooked at Christmas time.

iCare along with the full Tarasis Enterprises team are asking local people and businesses to support them with their campaign of kindness this year

Speaking about the 2022 campaign, iCare Co-Founder Janine Smalls said,

“Over the years, we have been overwhelmed with the support, kindness and generosity of the public and local businesses, and this year will be no different. Rather than delivering gifts we will be helping struggling families with everyday essentials, to lessen the burden of Christmas, and that is more needed than gifts this year.”

“Our campaign has now closed, thank you for everyone that supported us in 2022.”

Kindness Without Limits...


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