How do we distribute

We are a community based charity working in the heart of communities where we can make the most impact.

As such we work closely with local Schools and Churches and with Charities and Partners across Ireland to identify where our help and support is needed.

Working collaboratively within communities helps us to both identify those most in need but also how we can support them most. iCare understands that everyones need is personal to them, and so our support is person centric and we are agile and adapt to get support to those in most need as practically and effectively as possible.

We also invite individual requests for support and our charitable boards meets monthly, or more frequently when the need arises, to allocate charitable funds.

Our exceptional mission driven team at Tarasis Enterprises volunteer their time throughout the year to support iCare, this could be distributing gifts or vouchers, fundraising or supporting the charity operations more generally.  All money raised by iCare goes directly to those in need, with nothing ever being spent on operational costs, which is all supported by Tarasis Enterprises.