iCare Board

iCare is goverened by the 7 principles outlined in the Charity Governance Code: leadership; integrity; decision making, risk and control; board effectiveness; diversity; openness and accountability

iCare was founded in 2010 as a charitable arm of Tarasis Enterprises.

The board meets monthly to review activity and decide upon funding allocations based upon requests received.

Mairead Mackle

Mairead is the founder and CEO of Tarasis Enterprises, and founded iCare in 2010. Mairead is an advocate for business for good, believing that businesses must collectively use their resources to help those in our communities who need it most.

Gerald Mackle

Gerald is a director of Tarasis Enterprises and co-founded iCare. Gerald is passionate about supporting those in need and collectively building a more equitable society.

Caroline Rafferty

Caroline is the Managing Director of Tarasis Enterprise and a registered chartered accountant.  Caroline oversees the governance for iCare.

Janine Smalls

Janine is the Executive Office Manager at Tarasis Enterprises and the co-founder of iCare. Janine holds the position of secretary and operations lead of iCare and manages all core charitable campaigns.

Amie Anderson

Amie is the Marketing Executive for Tarasis Enterprises. Amie looks after all PR and social media for the charity and is involved in managing and assisting in all iCare’s campaigns and partnerships. 

Charlene Beattie

Charlene is the Financial Controller at Tarasis Enterprises and a qualified chartered accountant.  Charlene oversees the accounting and reporting policies of iCare and keeping up to date with regulatory and legislative changes


Catherine Parker

Catherine is an Assistant Accountant at Tarasis Enterprises and qualified with CIMA.  Catherine oversees the daily finances of the charity