An iCare Christmas Wish

An iCare Christmas Wish

iCare was humbled to be able to help STEP Services in order to help a family in crisis this Christmas…

‘Charlene Corrigan – Floating Support Services Manager – South Tyrone Empowerment Programme – Mid Ulster;

A family in destitution working with STEP Services due to their crisis circumstances contacted iCare as all other statuary options had been exhausted and asked for a wish of support. This family were rough sleeping, had not eaten a hot meal in weeks, only dried foods that they could access, had not washed their clothes in this same time and were extremely vulnerable. They did not know where to turn or what to do next, Charlene contacted iCare and explained their situation and immediately iCare responded.

The relief this gave to this particular family was instant and priceless. They were able to meet their basic human needs that unfortunately they had not in days and continue as a family unit in their extreme circumstances. This granted wish allowed them to bridge a gap that has now enabled them to access other services that can support them safely for the long term in their local community.

Paulo – ‘ We cannot thank iCare enough for this emergency support and iCare Wish, we are beyond grateful that this has allowed me to safely look after my family and avoid separation. We have been through a very traumatic time recently and this has given us the boost and motivation we needed so much to continue on our journey. We are so happy that the community support is so much alive here & once we are established, I will certainly give back to this wonderful charity iCare. Thank you so much, Paulo.’