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Our mission is to ‘use the power of people to create a better world’. Everything we do is deisgned to lift hearts, do good and make a difference.

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Keep up to date with latest news & events happening in iCare. Including the most recent launch of iCare at Christmas 2022.

About iCare

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iCare is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of people and their families through simple acts of kindness. We are not bound by geography or need, by agenda or cause, age or gender. You’ll find us wherever kindness can make a difference.


Volunteering is at the heartbeat of iCare. Without the kindness of over 300 people each year we simply couldn’t do what we do

Defibrillators installed in the community.
Supportive volunteers each year.
Santa Gatelodge Events.
iCare Wishes granted in the community.

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Charity Registration Number : 102376

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iCare Office, The Gatelodge, 3 Ballyards Road, Milford, BT60 3JH, Co.Armagh
Phone: 028 3752 4111
Email: icare@tarasis.com